Leaarn how Ossiaco promotes sustainable energy
At Ossiaco, we’re revolutionizing the way you think about energy.
Charge your vehicle at the speed you need, power your home with your car — or better yet, convert the sun into intelligent energy and cleaner mobility.

What does the future look like to you?

Lean how Ossiaco can charge your electric vehicle battery

The future of
energy is here.

We've built a sustainable energy technology that will power your car, your home and your lifestyle.
Introducing dcbel, a different kind of electric vehicle charger.
dcbel is a fast, safe and smart bi-directional charger that distributes your energy when and where you need it.
Designed for all climates and all homes. Without rewiring the house.
And that’s just the beginning.
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No home is smart without smart energy management.

Fast and safe, dcbel adapts to your way of life and distributes your energy accordingly. Have five minutes before heading to work? It already knows.
The user-friendly interface shows you where your energy is going. Make clean, renewable energy the heart of your home.

Your renewable,
reliable & affordable
energy solution.

Nothing compares to the power of solar energy. A single dcbel high-capacity smart inverter unit can handle all of your family’s energy needs.
With micro-weather forecasting abilities, dcbel captures energy for the cloudy days ahead.
Learn how Ossiaco uses solar energy for charging your car

All the power you need.

How dcbel will change your home.

• The fastest and safest way to charge your car
• Reduces your energy costs
• Simple installation and compact design
• Adapts to your way of life


Our mission is to deliver energy that lets you live a life without compromise.
Ossiaco sits at the nexus of residential solar power, electric vehicle charging, the smart home and customer-centric utilities. The Ossiaco team has a proven history of rethinking energy distribution for everything from large utility customers to distributed energy resource providers.
Our AI-driven sustainable technologies enable people to leverage solar energy to power their cars, their homes and their lifestyles.
Ossiaco has numerous worldwide patents in power electronics and power conversion and is backed by a number of globally respected investors.