dcbel's solar car charger can charge both your car and your home
With Ossiaco products, electric car charging at home is easy.

dcbel—an energy assistant that does the thinking for you.

dcbel isn’t just an EV charger. It’s a solar inverter and energy management system that powers all of your home’s needs. Your car is just the beginning.
1 minute of charging = 1 mile of driving
Fast charging capabilities for all cars — Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3 and more
Proprietary PureDC hardware and software technology minimizes battery degradation
The fastest, safest & smartest residential EV charger

Designed for
all climates and all homes.

Orchestrate by dcbel is an all-in-one home energy management system that allows you to reduce your energy costs while leaving a greener footprint.
User-friendly interface lets you see your home's energy distribution and use
Send power from your electric vehicle to the grid (V2G)
Bi-directional flow allows your EV to act as a back-up generator (vehicle-to-home or V2H)
Adapts to your usage patterns & optimizes charging to leverage sun power & avoid peak pricing
Reduces the cost of net-zero compliance
dcbel helps with sustainable development.
Orchestrate technology manages your home energy. Making sure you have the energy you need — for everything you need — when you need it.

Charge with the sun.

Ossiaco’s proprietary technology allows you to get the most out of your solar panels and storage so you can power your home with the sun—even after it's set.
All-in-one solution replaces your residential solar inverters
One dcbel unit manages all of your energy needs
Micro-forecasting optimizes charging based on weather
Trade or sell your excess solar energy & save on costs


What the future of energy looks like.
Down to the last electron.
Learn how Ossiaco's inverter charger for home, dcbel, works.

Available in a limited
edition carbon fiber shell.

How dcbel powers your car and your home—faster.

Commuting 40 miles round-trip? An hour of charging is all you need to make it to the office and back—with enough in your battery to stop in between to pick up dinner.

Learn what is a solar electric car charger from using dcbel.
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California Net-Zero Use Case (14kW):

Why dcbel is the smart power solution.

Learn what is a solar inverter charger with dcbel.
*dcbel is charging using an electric vehicle’s DC port, bypassing a car’s onboard AC-charging limitations.
**Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is a system that allows electric vehicles to communicate with the power grid, return electricity to the grid, or alter their charging rate.
***Vehicle-to-home (V2H) is a system that allows you to supply your home with energy stored in your electric vehicle’s battery.